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*For Sale* - cruise control retrofit kit for Audi A4


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As per the title. I bought a kit for retrofitting cruise control to my 56 plate Audi A4 but for various reasons, never got round to having it fitted.

The kit comprises of:

The cruise control stalk

The long allen head screws for mounting it

The lower steering column cover (black)

A new nut for re-fitting the steering wheel (you can use the old one again with Loctite apparently, but I wanted a new OEM one with pre-applied thread lock)

I will stick some pictures up shortly.

If this is of interest to you, you must ensure it's suitable for your car, for example, it must have the multi-function steering wheel from what I can recall. It will require coding via VAGCOM/VCDS/NASCAR or whatever it's called these days.

I can give you the part numbers etc if required.

Don't ask me if it's suitable for your car as I have no idea! It was bought for a 2006(56) A4 which already had the multi-function steering wheel.

It's all genuine Audi parts bought from the dealer.

Looking for £50 + £5 postage or you can collect.

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Now the weekend is out my system, yup :D

Royal Mail is showing the cheapest available is £15.97, ouch!

edit - that would mean £39 for the parts, which is too low, sorry :(

Well how about £60 then incl. postage.

Nice that you got the weekend out of your system... I wont ask which end it left :o

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Bloody post office, it was sent last week! Pleased it's arrived safely though and hopefully you've got your postage refund +++

Postage refund, I sure did, happy days... You're an honest bloke an I 'm over the moon to have these bits to add to my car.

p.s. Thought I'd sent you a message already about receiving the postage refund... not to worry

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