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M3 Frozen Silver Edition


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Did you see this thread: http://www.tyresmoke.net/forum/general-cars/138842-0-finance-bmw-m-cars.html

For those that feel the M5 is a bit big, there are some cracking deals to be done on the E9* M3 also.

The cost of these contracts end up being less than what the cars would depreciate for if you purchased outright. Iirc the M3 contract is about £440 per month with a small deposit (pre Xmas it was slightly cheaper, however may have now gone up). The man from Eastern that Booster mentions does seem the most keen to do deals though and work the figures as best he can

I need to think a bit more laterally next time I buy a car. Fully (and I mean everything bar front PDC) loaded M3 with an £18k deposit is £380 a month. You need to buy it at the end of course but I never thought I'd ever consider buying new.
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Nice car however I'd want them to get rid of that limited edition plaque - it is not like it would appreciate in value. Also, I've heard the polished surfaces (looks like carbon) inside scratch easily. I've got the carbon leather in mine which is beautiful!

I'm also told the frozen siler looks a bit like a matt Silverstone II - in which case it will look awesome!

Wind time back two years to when I bought mine - if it was around I'd be taking up the 0% offer on a new one I reckon. Can't see another time I'd have got to own a new car like an M3 until retirement!

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