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New Lamborghini Veneno


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It's a £3.1 million V12 Special.

The new Lamborghini hypercar is named the Veneno, said to mean "poison" in Spanish. It is built on the carbon-fibre monocoque chassis of the Aventador LP700-4, using an upgraded version of the latter's 6.5-litre naturally-aspirated V12 that produces 740hp instead of 700-horses, and can hit a top speed of 220mph (354km/h).

Power is transmitted to all-four wheels via a 7-speed robotized manual gearbox.

Lamborghini has put a price tag of £3.1 million on the Veneno, but before you prepare to sell your house, kidneys and your grand-children's future, you may want to know that the Italian carmaker has already sold all three cars…










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I love it that car makers will still build outrageous cars. I saw an Aventador on the M1 at Luton on Friday PM. In orange/red. What a beast. It is soooo long. It looked fantastic, especially next to all the usual drab cars that were around it.

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I remember when Supercars weren't ostentatious...

But apparently were a real handful to drive and stupidly unreliable. All forgiven though by looking the way they did :)

But hey, you could have an Audighini that looks like a Merc SLR for 3.1M - why not*

* I can think of several reasons...

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I never got why they use Spanish names?


In 1962, Ferruccio Lamborghini visited the Seville ranch of Don Eduardo, a renowned breeder of Spanish fighting bulls. Lamborghini, a Taurus himself, was so impressed by the majestic Miura animals that he decided to adopt a raging bull as the emblem for the auto company.

Future Lamborghinis would delve deep into bullfighting history. The lovely, understated Islero was named after the bull which killed the legendary Manolete on September 8, 1947. Reventón killed the Mexican bullfighter Félix Guzmán in 1943. Diablo was another Miura from the late 19th century. In a twist, the Espada is named after the long sword used in bullfights.


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Hey, the embargo has been lifted so can now post the hi-res pictures ...

Embargo and Bangle. In the same sentence? That's like Duisberg saying "Hey, Bangle, don't tell anyone about that session we had with Olga from the Volga and those squirrels, will you?" :D

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