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Win Mobile 8 Phone - which one you got? Which Apps?


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Is it just me and young Master Sponge?

I have the Nokia Lumia 920

Build quality is excellent.

What is interesting for me is that one reason I gave myself and the world for staying away from iPhone was the walled garden but actually Win8 is going down a similar locked route.

Managed to set up multiple email addresses, linked it to my xbox account, got multiple Gmail Calendars sorted (little tweak to get this done).

Some great apps come as standard with the Nokia but ones which I have d/l which I find useful are:

-Chronos Calendar - live tile calendar with more features than standard calendar

-Calendar+ I had before I found Chronos also good: no live tiles but good 1-button access to week and month views

-A fair few cool camera and photo apps

Connectivity Shortcuts to get 1-button access to wifi/flight mode etc

Still a way to go for the OS to mature: battery usage is hungry although it seems to be settling a little with a few cycles; small things like not being able to set different notification sounds for email/whatsapps etc is a little irritating

All in all I find the "not enough apps" mantra pointless - I have found all the ones I used in Android except for a decent ebook reader (Freda was excellent in WinMo6.5 so will see what the win8 version is like)

So - what you got, what yer views?

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I wrote a massive review after I had my Lumia 620 for a week and a half. I canned it because it became a thesis.

Long and short of it is, I wasn't overly upset when I broke it last weekend and had to go back to a 3Gs I've been borrowing from a friend. When the next iPhone comes out, I'll probably be getting one straight away. Really didn't enjoy WP8. The few Apps that are available are missing functionality compared to iOS and their layout is not to my liking.

I liked the home screen :)

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Faceache and Twatter are all I downloaded TBH. The only others I use on a regular basis - Instagram, Strava and Tumblr aren't available so didn't have anything else. I'm not the kind of person to go through apps looking for things to download.

The other thing I hated was podcasts. What a ball ache! It wouldn't automatically download new episodes so had to hook it up to the pc and manually sync with iTunes every few days :smashfreak: On iOS, I can download with 3G or wifi as and when I like. Simples.

If they can get these things working I might be more interested in the future. But TBH they are very basic things and for me they've missed a chance to grab some disaffected Apple people underwhelmed by the iPhone5.

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I wasn't happy with Nokia Drive. Everyone raves about how good it is and I suppose it is, considering it's free. But the last couple of times I used it it was way off the mark. It's functionality is lacking too. So in a moment of wtf, I bought Navigon when it was on sale. It's a lot of money for an app, but it's so much better.

Battery Sense is good too.

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Depends on perspective.

First week was terrible. I let it die and noted how long it lasted.

With heavy use it got to about 8pm (from 8am)

With "normal" use about 10-11pm.

It has gotten better with some die/full charge cycles and last night I had 40% when I went to bed.

On a par with my experience on Android with the HD2 but it is known to be an issue they are supposed to fix in the next proper update.

Depends on whether my son gets his hands on it to play Asphalt 7 or not I find!

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I find it no worse than my S2. I get easily enough to last the day with moderately heavy usage. I have two charging plates; one next to my bed and one at my (home) PC desk. I just put it down there when I go to bed, or sit at my PC. Easy peasy!

I'm planning on getting my missus a 720, if I can find a good value package. Then we fully utilise the features of WP8, e.g. the 'Family Room'.

When I want to be creative with the camera I use ProShot. But for simple snapshots, the default camera is fine.

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