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- Quick decision to be made.... mobiles - choice of the following 2....


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Currently on Dolphin 36 (600 mins, unlim txt, 1gb data) @ £36 each per month with her on a Samsung Galaxy Y, me on a HTC Wildfire S. Shes due upgrade on Xmas day, whilst my date is mid feb 2014.

Orange Exec office have offered us the following...

Either iPhone 4s 16gb or Samsung Galaxy S3 on The works (unlim mins, unlim txt, 1gb data, 1 swapable?) for £36 each a month on a 24 month new contract.

So thats shiny new toys 9 months and a year early and a fresh contract.

Or £50 on next bill to 'stay the same' and PAC out in Mid feb 2014

What would you do and if you'd change which of the 2 phones whould you pick. I'm hedging towards the S3 as I can't abide itunes software.

I'll be emailing them in the morning - so quick replies would be great!

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I'd ditch Orange contracts and look for a deal elsewhere on a SIM only basis - it'll save you a fortune.

ISTR I pay about 20 quid a month for 'unlimited' internet (including tethering), unlimited texts and 600 minutes on a rolling 1 month contract with EE.

I did have to pay up front for my iPhone - but it still works out much cheaper than signing up to a contract - and I have the flexibility to change to another supplier without worrying about contract length.

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I use an iphone and it works well, but I wouldn't tie in to a 2 year contract on either of those phones. The 45 is already a replaced model, and there will be a iphone5 update later this year, so I don't think that it offers good value for money.

o2 simplicity deal for example is 12 months at £21 with unlimited mins / txts and 1Gb data, so for both of you that would save £30 a month or £360 a year, and that's without looking around.

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