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Ebay beauty. I bet this is a handful..


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A mate had a Rascal van when we all passed our driving tests, I had the Alfa, someone else had a mk1 Astra GTE, XR2i etc etc.

And i'll tell you something, that fecking rascal van could hang on like you wouldn't believe.

And when the engine eventually let go, he bought another lump for £50 and fitted it in less than an hour!

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Loving the little wheelie bars :roflmao:

If it was a standard chassis, it'd need them, we could almost get a wheelie with the 850cc or whatever it was, and it would go up briefly with a couple of us hanging of the back!

However, the chassis has clearly been extended for the V8 and with the wheels that far back I doubt it'll trouble the wheelie bars, especially with a heavy old Rover lump in it.

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