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Hit & Run


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Last Saturday my cousin had her car written off after an A Class Merc crossed over to her side of the road and side-swiped her, taking out the whole side of her Fabia.

She was ok, a bit bruised and shaken up as she has only been driving a year and its her first car.

I've been on the look out for this A Class on my travels around Bradford & Leeds, so if anyone is around West Yorkshire and sees a silver Merc A Class with frontal and OSF damage, a pic or reg plate would be helpful +++

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Police are aware, and have been very helpful.

I took a picture of a silver A Class with frontal damage in Bradford yesterday and sent it to my uncle..he sent it on the the police who checked it all out, but it turns out this car was all above board and had an accident the previous week. So near yet so far!!

Fizzbit is around Bradford I believe.

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Glad she's ok mate... Total scum bags out there and one of the main reasons why my fooking insurance is so high!

Will keep an eye out for A class with frontal damage... presume it will be on the drivers side corner mainly?

Frontal and front OS, cheers mate.

The one I have already seen is on Killinghall road +++

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