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oil light


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got abit of a problem with my 2.8 my oil light coming on only so much of the silly buzzer sound i can take mad.gif

the light will come on when i have done about 10 miles with out fail even if the car has been running for about 15 mins on the morning its -8 to +1 here on the morning.

i can even just jump in it on the morning and it will still can on more or less at the same point

i have seen this is a common problem when looking even with the 2.8 passat but no one says how there sorted it only some people put high pressure oil in rolleyes.gif seen something about the cluster can be the problem ?

i have did the following

oil level is on the max

changed the oil pressure sensor

cleaned oil pump out was full of bits and sump

pump been checked all ok

fitted new pump got it cheap off a mate thinking old one may have been temperamental

new oil and filter 5w-30 fully syn

put some engine flush oil through it

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Oil pressure sensor or oil level sensor? Like you, I was finding the level sensor warning kept coming on longer journeys before it was then staying on permanently despite showing max on dipstick, so I replaced the oil level sensor when I changed the oil earlier this month. Its easy to access, but [on mine] you cannot change it without changing the oil. Part wasn't cheapest though....

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I doubt it, remove the plastic tray and look at the sump, there should be a oil level sender with electrical connection.



it dont have one have allready got the plastic tray off the early ones never had them from what i have read there only have the oil pressure sensor/switch

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