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P0068 - Throttle Position Corolation


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Had this pop up on my car today, had been doing a fair bit of running about, stop start town driving.

Any ideas where the maf sensor is?

I have checked the air filter and thats been replaced very recently as its immaculate.

This is the first time i have had this, it was cleared by a local garage, but just wondered if there is anything i can do to prevent this re-ocuring.

Thanks for any advice.

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You'll find the MAF attached to the air filter housing.

So, you have the air filter housing, MAF (in the tube) then the air tube to the inlet manifold.

To clean it, get some Wynn's Carb Cleaner, disconnect the MAF housing tube (2 screws and a jubilee clip) and then you can spray the stuff in, clean the resistor type looking thing with a cotton bud. Do it gently, as they are fragile!!!

Good luck!

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