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The Season Starts on Saturday!


Guess the Race outcome  

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  1. 1. Guess the Race outcome

    • Winner!
    • On the Podium! (2nd or 3rd)
    • Last place :(
    • Other finisher somewhere in between...
    • Massive crash, straight to YouTube
    • Other DNF

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:grin: :grin: :grin:

First race weekend is this Saturday/Sunday, at Snetterton. The car, the trailer and the tow car are all ready to go after several weekends' worth of fussing around them. I'm away on business from lunchtime today until late on Wednesday, but then on Thursday afternoon I'll make my way to Snet for a test day on Friday before the weekend.

With two practice days under my belt already in advance of Friday, and a new approach to driving on track courtesy of a helpful instructor, I'm feeling optimistic - the comment from last year's champion was that I seemed to be much harder to catch than last year :cool: Of course, everyone else has been training like mad as well, so who knows what will happen. Turn 2 (Montreal) is usually the danger point, we tend to make it round the nice long sweeping first corner (Riches) and then all pile into the same bit of hairpin at the same time. After that, it's anyone's guess.

Just a bit of fun - predictions please for the outcome of the races via the poll, +++ I think I can guess which will be the top option :roflmao:

(As ever, PM me if you're interested in tickets, first come first served)

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Good luck P, hope to catch up with you at some point in the season.

Absolutely - let me know which ones you can make

I'd guess that everyone is so raring to go that there's a higher than usual risk of a bump, so sit back and pick your way through the debris for a points-but-not-podium-finish. +++

This is very true. The first couple of corners are the worst. Last time we were at Snet I saw the tyresmoke and yellow flags going up at Montreal before I even got to the braking point, and hurriedly decided to take a wide line... sure enough there was a collection of cars sitting at the apex. Guess what happened to the guy trying to slip past me on the inside :uhoh:

Have a fun season, do you know what races you are doing yet then?


20/21 April - Snetterton

11/12 May - Anglesey

8/9 June - Zandvoort

13/14 July - Donington

3/4 August - Brands

14 September - Oulton Park

19/20 October - Silverstone

I'm booking them as I go along, in the light of available funds and diary commitments, so none are guaranteed. Translated into English, that means I want to do all of them but have to keep my nose clean :coffee:

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