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Suarez Biting Ivanovic


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10 games!

Little harsh I feel especially when they completely wimped out of doing anything about defoe biting.

Has as much to do with them being annoyed with LFC reaction to his Evra ban last year I suspect.

I thought 6 might be a firm but fairish sanction.

Club not commenting but they are on a loser what they do or dont do

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I think any player with a previously good reputation should get 6. It's completely and utter uncalled for and more importantly what does it do for the millions of kids that watch it.

He's done it before so the senstence needs to climb.

I'm glad to hear the ban will follow him around Europe even if he did move on.

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As Scotty says he has done it before and not learned from it. If you commit the same crime again it shows you haven't learnt from your mistake which means the punishment didn't bother you enough to change your ways.

The guy is a screw lose though isn't he. He can't seem to go more than a couple of months without being at the centre of something. Many players do stupid things but this loser really is a nasty piece of work.

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