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A6 virgin


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Hi all,

thinking of chopping the old BMW E39 in for an A6 (2002 or thereabouts). Any hints & tips on what I should look for / avoid?

Obvious stuff like service history, timing belt, etc are not a worry, but I've not owned an Audi before (though I have had VW's) so any guidance would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

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The 2002 models are quite expensive for what they are. They are bomb proff, as I ran a 2001 (pre-facelift) V6 2.5 TDi quattro. It gave me 44 mpg over 80K miles in 2.5 yrs. It never let me down and everything worked as it should with only servicing and belt changes needed. (every 80K).

The only weak spot I can think of, is the DIS. The pixels can go and there are no fixes apart from changing the dash pod and reprogamming it for your car. Removal is piss-easy though.

Also had a 2001 2.7 V6 twin turbo petrol Avant quattro - lovely, quiet, smooth with decent of ooomph! Sold it on with 220K miles - just slight weeping from the cam cover gaskets.

The A6 changed to the C6 model for 2005?? So have a look at them. They seem reliable enough and have more toys and options. You want the one with the big colour screen though!

Would you be getting a quattro? As you have a good few choices in engines.

V6 3.2 & V8 4.2. Be aware, not all 3.2's are quattros!

V6 2.7 TDi & V6 3.0 TDi. Again, not all the 2.7's are quattros.

Other than that, you had early V6 2.4, 4 cyl 2.0 and 4 cyl 2.0 TDi (nasty engine until 2008 when the new one appeared).

My mate has the 3.0 TDi and it fairly moves along, comfortable but lots of tyre noise from the 19"s on his Le Mans.

Hope that helps?

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There was a facelift around about 2002 (can't quite remember the exact date) and after that there were Base, SE and Sport Specs so best to get a facelift one if you can. SE gave you a front centre armrest and cruise control, Sport gave you sports suspension, fully painted bumpers/sills (SE's had grey lower parts) and sports seats (including electric lumber support). Also post facelift the Symphony stereo (although Concert was standard) was upgraded to Symphony II which meant an in dash CD changer rather than having the CD changer in the boot. Also at this time you could quattro with pretty well all the engine options including the 1.8T. I had a '99 1.8T SE which I replaced with an '03 1.8T Sport. Later there was run-out special edition, but I think they were only diesel savants. I would go for a Sport over the SE and if a saloon try to find one with parking sensors at least at the rear as it is very hard to judge the rear of the car when parking

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