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BMW Angel Eyes Upgrade


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Oh my word - this is the second time I've done something to my car all by myself - whatever next? Anyway, since deciding to run the '3 for another year I've set about fixing the bits that I don't like as much as I could, namely the gear shift (bits on order), and the side-lights.

I much prefer the white lights of the newer BMWs as opposed to the orange/yellow of the previous, so I've updated mine. Less than 10 minutes to do, although fiddly as hell to get the bulbs in - now have MANY cuts on my hands.

For anyone vaguely interested:

Angel Eyes Update - BMW E92

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Improves the look massively doesn't it! +++

First mod I did on my S4 was to ditch the stock sidelights for leds. The sidelights completely ruin the crisp xenon headlights, whereas the leds match perfectly

Before (with one popped)


After - sidelights only (not headlights)


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