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[Audi A3/S3] question on tuning an S3


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hi all,

Quick question. Ive been deliberating over to whether to purchase an S3 or an R32 for a few weeks now. At this point, I think the S3 is the way I'll go. But I would like to ask this:

For those of you who have had their car remapped, did this make a noticeable difference or was it just a slight difference ? What characteristics about the driving experience changed after the remap ?

What would be the next stage of tuning potential after having the car remapped, along with changing the exhaust ?



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Can't comment on the S3, as I have an A3 1.8T - but what I can definitely tell you is - you'll know when you have it chipped! Most chips will increase the boost and fuelling, so while the characteristics of the car stay broadly the same (i.e. faily ordinary off-boost, building to a nice, fat torque plateau from about 2K RPM), the quantities of torque and power will be a lot higher. I think most generic S3 chips deliver roughly 260 bhp and 290 lb/ft, but I'm sure some of the others on here will confirm that. To drive, a chipped 1.8T delivers a boot rather than a push on acceleration, and it doesn't run out of puff above 5K rpm, either. My A3's a different beast now it's been done.

There are 2 kinds of chip-tuning, either replacing the standard program with a generic one, or with a program designed for that specific car and writtenon a rolling road. You'd probably need to go for the fully-bespoke option if you're planning to add a free-flow exhaust and cat, so the program can take full advantage of the better breathing.

Whatever you decide to do (and I expect Gambba will be along soon with his exceedingly useful list of tuners;)), you will certainly notice the difference in a chipped S3!

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I agree with Preacher Cain. When the S3 is chipped the difference is remarkable. Its not a case of "oh it pulls a bit better etc", it is a massive difference.

My car for example supposedly has 300lb/ft after chipping, over the standard torque of 220lb/ft - which you defenitely notice.



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