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New Golf GTI Performance Edition: 0 to 161MPH

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Here's a video for you GTi fanboys to wack off too (and it's not a pink one!).

Until Volkswagen unwraps the new Golf R, which should house more than 270 ponies under its hood, the fastest series-production Golf 7 that you can buy today is the GTI Performance edition that comes with 227hp (230PS) versus the regular GTI's 217hp (220PS).

It is this version of the new Golf GTI that German car magazine Sport Auto took to a quiet side road and freed all of its 227-horses through the front wheels.

The driver took the hot hatchback from a starting stand to its top speed of 259km/h (161mph) on the dashboard. For the record, VW claims a maximum velocity of 250km/h or 155mph for the Golf GTI Performance along with a 0-100km/h (62mph) sprint time of 6.4 seconds. If we counted correctly, it took 49 seconds for the GTI to reach its top speed.

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Yeah, my Mk5 GTI's OEM speedo reads 100mph when I am doing 86mph via GPS (tested on both RoadAngel and PogoAlert).

VW offered to replace the unit but wouldn't guarantee better than a 10% margin of error so I didn't take up their offer.

The Mk7 GTI Concept at Worthersee. It'll go the same way as the Mk5 W12 GTI did - Just a design exercise to grab attention but very exciting.




^ Rumour is that the engine will be used in production - Mk7 Golf R?

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Not a chance, it's going to be the updated 2.0 Turbo, same as used new S3.

Nah,the "Lump" is going to be based around the Starship Enterprise Di-Lithium drive system, incorporating a "Trick" diff

O-Warped Factor 10 in a "Nats C0ck" over 0.3 Nano seconds.......... making it marginally quicker than the current Golf R

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