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Ecclestone confirms Long Beach talks


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They had 3 races in the USA in 1982 and the 2012 Austin USGP was a 120,000 seat sell out, likewise Montreal which is a sell out every year.

I wouldnt be shocked to see a serious North America leg in F1 in the next 3-5 years with Montreal, NJ, Austin either /Vegas/LBC and Mexico. Then down to Brazil to wrap up the year. It's a huge untapped sponsorship market for F1.

From the article...

Ecclestone says he still has hopes of resurrecting the stalled race in New Jersey which was meant to take place this year. He adds "we are talking to different people in the States but who knows."

Knowing Bernie... I wouldn't doubt he said all this to light a fire under the asses of the promoters in New Jersey, although every week we are getting an announcement that a new track is in the works :ffs:

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