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2013 Spanish GP


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As I predicted on the other thread - no podium for Mercedes.

Solid drive by Jenson to grab some points and finish ahead of Perez.

Alonso and Ferrari looking very strong - I suspect they'll go on from here to take the title.

To be fair, Mercedes did say themselves that a podium was unlikely straight after quali.

I also think Perez was told not to try and pass Jensen in the final laps.

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The stewards' verdict in full:

Driver - 3 Fernando Alonso

Competitor - Scuderia Ferrari

Time 15.43

Session Race

Fact: Receiving an object after the end-of-race signal

Offence: Alleged breach of Article 43.3 of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations

Decision: No further action

Reason: No further action was taken to be consistent with a previous decision made under similar circumstances.


Caterham has been fined €10,000 (£8,455) by governing body the FIA for releasing Giedo van der Garde in an unsafe manner during Sunday afternoon's Spanish Grand Prix, with the Dutchman losing his left-rear wheel at Turn 10 on Lap 22.

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These tyres are getting a bit 'tiresome'. Driving your state of the art F1 car at 80% of its true potential so the tyres don't fall to pieces is a bit boring and wrong. We want these drivers to go flat out. Tyre management after 5-6 laps? That's so wrong. Some teams were doing 5 pit stops, ffs. Now, to win a race your car has to be easy on its tyres. It's like watching an egg and spoon race.

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Its truely sad to see Williams bouncing around the back, looking like Tyrell did just before their demise. I just can't see them ever returning to their former glories. They were the team that Ayrton Senna wanted to drive for, for free. Something massive has to happen there. McLaren, are they a race team or a car manufacturer? Not sure anymore.

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If it wasn't for tyres needing to be changed it would be fuel weight next forcing drivers to slow down at the end of a race.

Gone are the days F1 cars can go truly flat out for a full race distance. You need to bring back refuelling for that and that's not going to happen anytime soon, they can't be seen to use fuel it's not Eco enough.

McLaren were stupid plain and simple. In the final year of the current regulations they made radical car changes when they finished last season with the fastest car, it might have worked but it hasn't. I'd say they will quickly abandon this season and focus on the radical changes to regs for next season requiring a big design change.

Williams, it's a shame a real shame a grew up watching them and I hope they unlock the key to the car but it takes so much wind tunnel work or CFD that costs more than they can afford unfortunately.

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