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S4 Cab Pictures


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<font color="brown"> Audi S4 Cabrio V8 4.2 5V , 6 Speed Manual.

“Sea Silver” Metallic

Pro Line Package

<ul type="square">- Metallic

- Concert II With CD

- Arm Rest

- PDC Rear

- Xenon

- Wind Deflector

- Navi

Black Soft (lambskin) Leather With Piping

Heated Seats

Navi Plus DVD


6 Disc CD Changer

Light Sensor

Auto Dimming Mirror

PDC Front & Rear

HF Car Kit


Audi Centrum Amsterdam

Keienbergweg 121


tel: +31 20-5646464

fax: +31 20-5646465

www.audicentrumamsterdam.nl (it's in Dutch) tongue.gif



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Gotta say that although it does look nice, it doesn't look 'much' different from a standard A4 Cab. Not special enough for me if i had the money (which i dont, of course!).

What happened to the 'S' models being sporty? Audi, Sort it out NONO3.GIF

Chucking on a set of alloys and a tiny-weeny grill badge is taking the 'anonymous' (did i spell that correct?) approach just a bit too far for my liking. Sure, i bet it goes really well but i'd like the world to look at me as i drive past if i were to spend that much dough on a car. Beemer have got it right with the M3 Cab - Audi have missed the mark with the S4 Cab imho beerchug.gif

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I agree with what you're saying, but the thing with the Cabrio is that it is such a beautiful and well resolved car that any modification (like sticking a spoiler on it for example) could only reduce it's appeal.

Saying that they could have maybe gone with twin exhausts on each side, but then they'd have been accused of copying BMW's M look.

Aside from the wheels, grille, mirrors and badges it is hard to see what else they could have done really... confused.gif

I like it alot, especially the piped seats and the alloy dash trim.

Wonder if it's possible to order those dash trim pieces. Probably not or if possible probably too expensive...

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I think you could order those pieces Ari. I can ask next week if you want? Or maybe www.vagparts.com sells them? But they won't be cheap I think... wink.gif

And yes, the car is very understated. I wouldn't mind that much, as I tend to buy a car I like, and not give a sh*t what the neigbours think. I even prefer if they don't recognise it for what it is. In these days it's better anyway not to attract too much (unwanted) attention. You hear more and more stories about violent car jackings and such... crazy.gif

I would drop it a bit further tho I think, and order some bigger rims maybe. Other than that it's fine... smile.gif

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Thanks for the pics Sven, you've obviously gone to a lot of trouble and I for one am greatful beerchug.gif

It does look very classy but as A3Floyd said, it doesn't look particularly sporty. Maybe if they had put some different alloys on, it would still look classy (depending on wheel) but more sporty too.

The Porsche Boxster is a classic example of one particular car that can look sporty or classy depending on wheel spec, colour spec etc, especially interior spec. I usually like to go down the sporty look route with aluminium opposed to wood and grey or black interior as opposed to cream.






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Thanks for posting the pics Sven smile.gif, I was interested to see what the chrome wing mirrors looked like against silver bodywork. I have just ordered some chrome wing mirror covers to replace the painted ones, if anyone is interested £95 each from vagparts.com.

Just by changing the mirrors, a standard cab looks more or less identical to an S4 from the front.

I will post some pics once I get them fitted.

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