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Need new Desktop and new Laptop


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I'm after a new laptop and my fathers after a new desktop (i.e. minitower for under his desk)

I'm like an Intel iCore processor so I can use the WiDi to my TV but nothing really special for either as they're just for regular home use : picture editing, surfing, emails etc and no game playing.

Windows 7 / 8

Budget about £400 each

Any recommendations?

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Bought an entry level Dell as a new desktop over New Year

Desktop PC - Custom PC & All In One PC Desktops | Dell UK

I went for the cheapest 660s that came with the Intel i core processor you mention, I paid 349, its now priced at 329. Comes with keyboard and mouse, just need to pick a monitor, I hooked it up to a 24" 1920x1080 Samsung LED from Dabs

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Win8 is awful, until you make it like Win7.

I recently bought a pc on Ebay. It was a brand new Advent, which i suspect was a factory second.

Massive overkill, but for £460 ish, i7 3770, 3.4gz, 16gb memory, 2gb grafics , 1TB Win8, it was the fastest machine for the smallest outlay, and i wouldnt be trying to upgrade the memory in 6 months. hell with 16GB it will last until it dies.

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