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Gran Turismo 6: First Video Trailer and Screenshots

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Racing simulator fans rejoice! Gran Turismo 6 has finally been revealed via a trailer and a few screenshots. The game will be available by the end of the year and will continue to build on the huge success of the series, which has sold more than 70-million copies since it was launched 15 years ago.

What’s surprising to some is the fact that Sony has chosen to keep GT6 current-gen, so owners of a PS3 will be happy to know they’ll be able to run the game, without having to wait for and then buy the upcoming PS4.










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I'm starting to get a bit bored of the GT series now, i've had every one, but barely played the last one.

Yeah it'll look good, but it's just the same game with more sparkly graphics.

Also not sure I'll bother with PS4, hardly play the PS3 any more, and if I do it's only a quick go on GTA.

I play my old SNES more in fact, me and the lad have been playing the best game ever made bar none again recently, Super Mario World, have the original on my NTSC SNES, and also downloaded on the Wii.

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See I love driving games and used to play them loads but GT5 was rubbish IMO, compared to Forza. It takes an age to get into GT5, they get to race then actually start racing.

And oh my if you leave it a few months between plays you end up waiting hours to update it before you can actually have that 'quick' play.

Forza by comparison has great dynamics, good racing and is quick to get into an play.

Will have to see what GT6 has to offer but I doubt I will be pre-ordering this time.

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After my fat PS3 FUBARd I lost my many hours of GT5. Tried for about an hour to start again and couldn't be bothered. That's not really a good advert is it?

I played the first Forza on a friend's Xbox and really enjoyed it. Hearing about the engine swaps etc in the later Forza sounded great, but I wasn't going to get an Xbox just to play that.

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I'm with Tipex on this one... GT1 was my all time fav game back in the day and then GT2 came out and it was better still but after that the game play was given a back seat to the time spent on the graphics in my opinion from GT3 onwards. Having said that though GT3 still had enough to keep me hooked all the way through but GT4 and GT5 didnt hold my interest for as long as the past games and unless this new one has brought back the game play i loved i wont be getting it.

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