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[Audi A3/S3] 8L A3 Sat Nav


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8L A3/S3 upto May 2003 will be an RNS-D CD Based Sat Nav.

2003 onwards 8P A3/S3 is the RNS-E DVD Based Sat Nav.

There was an upgrade to the RNS-E MKII Somewhere through 2010. (excact date im not sure on)

Amongst the upgrades:

CD/TV Button changed for Media

Glossy black bezel around the screen

Higher Res LED screen

Higher spec processor

Audi AMI compatable (track names through ipod)

2 x 32GB SDHC cards

hope this helps.

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On the whole, MK11 unit is the better choice, however, if you want to retrofit SDS ( speech Dialogue System for voice commands) its harder to hack than the MK1 version.

It is best to start with a unit that supports SDS, rather than try and add it after, after can be done for circa £150 ish, but is prone to being undone/overwritten by future updates on later DVDs.

Mine is a MKII 2011 version, with media button, and part number ends 193 G ( No SDS)

More info here on different part numbers.

Audi A3 [8P] - part numbers | Audi Forum

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