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Forza Motorsport 5 First Trailer

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The game is said to bring about improved graphical fidelity, car control and behavior, which will take full advantage of the technical capabilities of the new Xbox. In addition, it should be launched just after the new console hits store shelves, by the end of the year, so really the wait is not that great…

The brief trailer features the McLaren P1, which races its forefather, the F1, on what appears to be a very fast road course through a city, cheered on by wild crowds. We are waiting for additional details though, because so far all we have to go is the trailer and little more.


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The general consensus appears to be massive disappointment from the people interviewed on the radio at the launch today, XBOX one doesn't appear to be bringing anything new to the market at all, except for voice control, which is neither exciting nor cutting edge.

Games appeared to take a huge backseat too, with the majority of the announcement being about the camera and voice control.

Seems people aren't too happy that games will only play from the hard drive too, requiring long download times from either a disc or the net, and that they will only play on the original users system unless they are logged in as a guest on another system, so no lending games or taking them around a mates house, also, if you purchase a game second hand, in order to register it on your system so you can play it, you'll have to pay an as yet undetermined fee.

Way to try and ruin games consoles Microsoft!

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The thing is, playing directly from the HDD is better. Much faster load times than with a disc, but you have the potential for people to load up then sell on. It's just a step in the direction of download-only games in the future. The important thing will be making sure you can still play the game when you buy a replacement console after the first one inevitably goes FUBAR.

I can't get over the name. XBox One is surely the first one? This is the third.

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It's supposedly meant to describe the systems 'new' place in the market, it's not a games console anymore, it's the 'one' box you need under the TV, as it's now a multimedia centre you can watch TV on, music, films, etc etc, a bit like PS3 or, erm, an XBox 360!

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