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Legacy info?


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Brother is looking at a cheap estate to lug furniture, rubbish etc between London and countryside.

Hes not into cars at all, just labels.... so Type R, dump valves, bling wheels, boost gauges are all OUT.

Hes seen BMW/Audi/Merc options galore but I mentioned that replacement bits for all prestige cars are expensive and then suggested an Outback or Legacy.

Anyone had an experience (Garcon?)

'06 Legacy Estates with 70k miles seem available for £5k, which is on budget.

Anyone know what to look for so far as issues are concerned? Probably wants an auto too if they have more issues...



(theres a lot of dust in this forum....)

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Great cars and bulletproof engines, but they are hideously expensive to fix when stuff goes wrong, because of the Yen exchange rate.

I really enjoyed having mine, but I'd not have another one, because of the cost of maintenance.

Oh, and given he's not after a turbo one, the petrol ones are sluggish and hideous on petrol compared to similar sized alternatives.

If he just wants something to lug stuff around in that's big, then maybe a Passat estate or Volvo V70 estate are both good options and not as expensive to fix as BMWs, Audis or Mercs.

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I'd be looking at a Volvo or a Merc E personally.

I've never found bits for my Impreza expensive though, perhaps it's because they are more common, but otherwise Mook is right, the only Legacy worth having is a turbo one, but they do make for great load luggers.

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Given the mention of 5 grand budget and the requirements being purely practical, a Legacy could make sense.

He won't find a diesel worth having in budget, but a straightforward 2.0 petrol manual could do the trick. Not particularly economical, but that only matters if he's doing big miles. Should be a good few knocking about with low-ish miles and dealer history. But it'll be out of warranty so no point paying the premium to continue with dealer servicing. Parts shouldn't be too shocking for a stock UK model - on that front it's worth bearing in mind Mook's was a Japanese market import not available through Subaru UK.

They are bombproof, and the later 2.0 petrol is much better than the old (90s/early 2000s) unit.

There are probably better cars out there in some respects, but few are as good as all rounders and few are as robust.

Just noticed the mention of auto box. Don't. It's fecking dreadful.

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