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Expensive Audi facing wrong direction on road


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My M-i-L used to work for Ford finance. The reason they loved PCP deals was that they owned the car, so were perfectly within their rights to have a new key made up & just turn up & drive the car away.

They employed some people who were very skilled at avoiding confrontation. Often they would arrive in the middle of the night to take the car. If it was consistently garaged or blocked in, they would start following the owner & take it from their work car park, or the supermarket, or wherever the owner left it for long enough.

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Thankfully it isn't something that we have to do very often. I tend to talk them into voluntarily surrendering it to us and on one occasion had to use an agency who just rocked up with a low loader and had it away.

I stuck it on eBay as a repossession and the phone didn't stop ringing.

People think repos are a bargain. I wouldn't touch one with a barge pole. If they don't have the money to pay the monthly payments they aren't going to service or care for it are they?

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