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Golf 1.6 16V AZD engine problems


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Hi all, I have been having several problems with a golf of mine. I bought it with the head gasket gone and after rebuilding the head I have no end of idling problems. Numerous fault codes came up to begin with, started with replacing all the coil packs this made it run a lot better. Then cleaned throttle body and replaced lambda sensor, this helped further and got it to run up to operating temperature 90 degree. Once it hit 90 degrees though the engine management light came on along with the EPC light. Replaced EGR valve, adapted throttle body and MAP sensor, and no change. The idle is a little unsteady, but hits 90 degrees, throws up the EPC light and eventually starts to hunt and then goes into limp mode and wont rev up at all. If you shut the engine off it wont restart until it cools down again. But when it does cool down starts and runs fine until it hits 90 degrees. When the EPC light comes on I get the fault code 17961 - P1553. Any one got any ideas???

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only just saw this thread is from 2013... sorry everyone


Is this a golf mk3? if so, every time the battery is disconnected, you have to re perform basic settings..(at least on mine) EDIT: just realized that the AVD engine is for mk4, so might be different for your car. below still goes for yours as well.

that fault code means the following: Barometric pressure sensor (F96) / Manifold pressure signal, ratio out of range.

My book is very cryptic about this one, possible symptoms: engine runs irregularly & a dash light will be on (no idea which one sorry).

possible causes or related to:

leaking air inlet, or exhaust system

EGR (probably not the cause since you replaced it)

Active charcoal filter valve/ solenoid system

Faulty wiring

Throttle body dirty or faulty/ or basic settings not performed right

Absolute manifold pressure sensor (G71) defect

Barometric pressure sensor (F96) defect

sorry I cant provide you with a solution, but I hope this helps your search.

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im an idiot and didnt check the date...
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