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Caterham Teases New and Affordable Base Seven Model


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Almost 60 years (57, to be precise) since the launch of the original Lotus Seven in 1957, and 40 years after Caterham brought the rights to the lightweight sports car from Lotus founder Colin Chapman, the saga of the Seven continues with its current owner announcing today the upcoming release of a new model. Caterham isn't changing the Seven formula; it's just bringing the car's entry-level model up to date with a new version featuring what it describes as, a "super-compact, flexible and EU6-compliant engine", without revealing any further details.

Caterham Cars CEO, Graham Macdonald, commented: “As we celebrate our 40th anniversary at Caterham, it feels good to be taking the brand right back to where it started. Colin Chapman designed the original Seven to be entirely ‘fit-for-purpose’ – a racing car for the road with the driving experience at its heart. With that in mind, the new entry-level Seven will be uncomplicated, easy to run and, most important of all, an intuitive and exciting drive.”

The British company said it will release information about the engine before the car launches onto the market in Autumn this year at an "accessible" price tag of under £17,000, with first deliveries expected before the end of 2013. Although this date may drift due to Patently's upcoming spate of fender benders* which may lead to a shortage of spare parts.

* Editors note: Fender Bender is no way related to Luke's alleged nocturnal dogging activities.


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