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A mate's just bought this Escort


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I like that. That'll have cost a fair bit too.

Strange isn't it, there were thousands of Escorts zipping around when I started driving and those with money had the RS1600's or 2000's. Then a few years later they're out of fashion and old, and now you look in delight at them if you ever see one.

There must have been an MG Owners club run on yesterday because we saw at least 30 of them (MGB's, Midgets etc) heading South on the A1 at Alnwick as we went North. Looked great, and I heard at least one V8 rumble past.

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Leant to drive, took and passed my test in a metallic bronze Escort Mk1 1300 GT.

Dad had 3 Lotus Cortina's, a new one very other year over five years. He like to think he was Jim Clark, mind you he did trash the second one on a junior weekend rally in Wales.

Mint Lotus Cortina's are the wrong side of £50k!

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Aren't those banded Cortina wheels - Mk3 or even Mk4?

Who gives a monkeys though - that's a bloody lovely car! +++

Well, all I can say is I hope that has been checked out for authenticity *very* thoroughly - the wheels are just wrong for the car, so I'd be very wary about the rest of it.

If it does all check out, then it's a fantastic car.

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That looks fantastic. I bought a copy of Classic & Sports Car today and am seriously tempted with some of the vehicles in there.

Oh hang on, I forgot, I've not won the lottery. :(

Done that many times.... great mag for building the fantasy Garage....

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