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Allroad C5 air suspension


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Good afternoon. I am looking at buying a relatively low mileage '03 Allroad 2.7t petrol.

Now whilst I know it is going to be a little on the thirsty side my main concern is the reliability of the air suspension bladders and the likely hood of any of them failing.

Is there any particular maintenance one can carry out to increase longevity or is it just 'one of those things'?

Thank you.

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The economy will kill you - you'll be lucky to get 19mpg average. They're dire.

Appreciate the petrol is likely cheaper than the diesel option, but there's not much difference in performance because the diesel is so torquey and will give you 31 average - that's what mine did and it had a hard life.

Suspension ECU went in mine but was fixed under warranty. The longer in the tooth they get the more likely physical suspension failure is, although a lot of it is down to what kind of life it's had.

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