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TVR: Back from the Dead?


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A report from UK magazine Autocar says that TVR's former owner Russian banker Nikolai Smolensky, who now lives in Austria, sold the name along with all the rights to produce TVR's cars and components to an unnamed British interest.

Earlier today, Smolensky told the publication that he completed the deal "some weeks ago" without revealing details about the price or the people involved in the transaction. Autocar, however, stated that "the transaction is understood to involve a company fronted by a Mr Les Edgar, a Surrey-based entrepreneur".

In 2004, previous owner Peter Wheeler sold TVR to Smolensky, who at the time was only 24 years old. By the end of 2006, the British company was in deep trouble with Smolensky breaking TVR into a number of different companies, including TVR Motors, TVR Power and Blackpool Automotive, before it went bankrupt in December of the same year. Surprisingly, in 2007, Smolensky managed to re-acquire TVR, but nothing really happened with the company confirming an end to car production in July of 2012.

Really hope something good comes of this but I'm not holding my breath. I think they should leave buried.

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They used to make cracking cars that summed up the late 90's as well as the Porsche 911 Turbo did for the 80's.

I certainly test drove a few with other City mates back in the day and they were a massive departure from the other Sporty metal around then.*

I would love to see them come back with the same cutting edge design - remember the Tuscan? Beautiful, indicators in the rear window, even the multicoloured paint jobs - but this time around with some more reliable mechanicals.

* They were also gobsmakingly expensive given I was sensible and bought a two bed flat in Parsons Green) Fulham for about three times what the Griffith was going to cost in '97. Right decision.

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