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Employee Sick Days


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Anyone know the latest legislation on this?

We have an individual who is off a lot, at least a couple of days a month, and has been taking sick days since they arrived last year.

They havent fallen under my report before, but have called in sick today and I have discovered the extent of their absence, which is solely on Fridays or Mondays.

The other interesting part of this story is that they were out last night with someone from a different firm, but who is good friends with their team... you can guess the rest.

So, I was sure we were able to request a doctors note for sick days over 5 a year or something similar? Any one know?

We have no HR department as such......

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Pah. Some party people don't do sick days! I just hang round the office feeling poorly.

Last time I was off sick was 13 years ago having had my appendix removed.

So you behaviour marries to you working commitments the next day, problem is the employed don't have the same mantra as a business owner or self employed person needing to be bright eyed and bushy tailed on a Friday or Monday morning.

I have a dear friend that would be rich and could run a very successful business, if only his dealer would deliver over the weekend. His dealer works Wednesday only, and Jason starts his weekends Wednesday night because he is a stupid, addicted knob.

Unfortuantely as I get older and wiser, for every mate that follows me, there's one that has got bored, complacent and stupid. Young birds of the party type, pizza delivery (that doesn't deliver pizza) and kiss goodbye to £600 a week on gear, beer and birds.

Just for context, I'm talking blokes who are nearer to 50th birthdays that 40th.

Anyone that regularly takes Friday and or Monday off suggests party mind set to me. Might be beers, might be recreational substances, might be girls- I'd guess at all three.

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Yep. Still have plenty of mates that don't or can't do Mondays. Also don't have two mates who don't do any days anymore because they are dead from 20+ years of caning it hard.

We grew up and settled down with kids and wives, they didn't and thought they were invincible :(

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Jason, has three children a wife and an ex wife, he also has his secret woman for Thursday and Sunday :rolleyes:

I've known him for 25+ years, love him, but he is an absolute cock. Time and place doesn't seem to register, his claim to fame is fitting the lead pyramid caps to the Wharf towers (800ft odd) and banging lines all the night before on both jobs. :eek:

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