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Balls - forgot all about that!

Errrr, what gives?

Edit - have now seen all about it. Looks nice and the instant access to some features like airplane mode etc is good - the bloke I used to work with used to w4nk on about jailbreaking his phone all the time and saying that was one of the best features. I think he just liked jailbroken phones because he thought it made him cool and at one with developers.

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iPhone, yes. iPod, no and I don't have space on my phone for music.

Even if I did it wouldn't have drowned out the yawping tw8ts.

I'm now two hours late getting home thanks to a derailment or broken tracks or some such nonsense in Scotland. The only bonus is as the train is taking the strain I can drink and I got the deal signed that I went to Lancaster for :)

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