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think your key problem is with the receiver in the car. You may have a turbo problem developing if it has kind of on and off power. My 98 was like that till the turbo one day just ceased. Insufficient heath shielding for oil hose to the turbo is suspected culprit. Was supposed to get it fixed on my last service, and told them to do so. But all they could say was that the turbo was not working and I needed a new one. They could not manage to tell why it was broken, and ofcourse they have nothing in stock... openfire.gif

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Naa, car only came with one key. Trouble is i never know when the alarm is active. Flamin thing keeps going off. New keys arnt cheap are they.

[/ QUOTE ]

A bit of an understatement wink.gif they're extortionate.

There should be an LED next to the drivers side lock which flashes when the alarm is active.

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