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UK Set to Overtake France for Car Production by 2018,


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With several factories closing up in France, they may find it hard to match their 2012 production figure of 1.9 million automobiles in coming years – the outlook is currently not very positive.

The French have been hit, like many other citizens in the Old Continent by a combination of high unemployment and individuals focusing on paying back loans (or trying to do so and failing, because there are no jobs…), which in turn have caused a drop in the demand for new cars.

However, in the UK such problems are unheard-of. The Brits’ automotive industry hasn't seen such days in decades, as demand for their local brands, as well as that for locally-manufactured products of foreign brands (Toyota, Nissan) is steady, growing and predicted to continue along this path – who would bet against them after 15 months of sustained growth?

Now, despite the fact that in 2012 the UK only recorded a total production figure of 1.5 million, if all of their factories were pushed to full capacity, they would overtake France and hit 2 million. This is predicted to happen by 2018, and since what we’re hearing over from the Hexagon is not in any way encouraging, the Brits may have a lower target to beat, and they may meet half-way.

Germany will stay put at the number one spot for the foreseeable future, last year churning out 5.5 million cars.

Lastly, another reshuffling may take place in Europe, much sooner. If Italy’s production figure keeps falling, it may be robbed of its number nine spot in the continental rankings and be overtaken by Romania which in 2012 recorded 326,556 cars made, compared to Italy’s 396,817.

However, in 2013 the Romanians are apparently expected to reach closer to 450,000, if they maintain production the higher production figures which were recorded by local brand Dacia, as well as Ford in the first months of this year – 117,000 through April, 13 percent up compared to 2012.

Production of goods are shifting from China to Mexico apparently their the cheapest now (again). Ferrari Head of North America: Mexico Is The Next China - Forbes

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