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Help....Mk5 04plate TDI Golf difficulty starting when warm

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Hi I bought my Golf in Feb this year but almost immediately realised I'd bought a problem! Majority of the time it starts fine when cold but whenever I try to start it when it has warmed up it takes between 5 and 10 seconds to fire up, embarrassing and infuriating, I have had new heater plugs and a coolant temp sensor, both of which made no difference at all. It has now occasionally started letting me down from cold, purely a battery problem I think, due to the continual drain on it every time I try to start from warm, not helped by the fact I don't drive very far in the week to give the alternator chance to recharge it, as I walk to work. I have little faith in the intentions of my local VW dealer as I've been bitten before by them with my prev Golf. Do these symptoms ring any bells with anyone? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....... Also I have a droning noise coming from the front of the car, it starts at about 40mph, it peaks at 52mph, but remains there however fast I go and if I go any distance it really turns up the volume, it sounds similar to if you drive along the bumps in the white lines on the side of some A roads, we can feel a vibration as well through the floor, nothing really through pedals or steering, no different when turning L or R. Was told it could be wheel bearing, but turns out its not! Help???

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Welcome to TsN +++

I'm assuming you've got a 2.0 TDI Mk5, not a 1.9. Being slow to start from warm is a common problem and nothing to be worried about. Dealers recommend changing the battery and the starter motor, but it make minimal difference, so as long as it's starting, I'd leave it as is.

As for you noise from the front, it's nigh on impossible to diagnose a problem like this without seeing/hearing the car.

Find yourself a good independent VW specialist and I'm sure they'll be able to help you +++

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