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Stickered up for Le Mans 24hr 2013


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:grin: not my best effort but the reverse print french "BOUGE DE LA" has made a return so it'll do the job for this year, time was against me and I screwed up several stickers :ffs:

Already got some great ideas for a proper livery for 2014, heading off to Eurotunnel early Thursday morning bit nervous about the weather but can't wait for the drive down :jump:




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How can you forget LM24 weekend?! :D I'm on crossing 8:36am but on the tunnel! Have a bonza safe trip! +++

Distracted by the thought of a day on track at Spa and three other days on twisties in the mountains I guess :)

Have fun and try not to step on any bottles etc etc etc etc ;)

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Too many spokes, plus I've yet to see black rims that look good on anything, they make the wheel look lost in the wheelarch. The polished lip makes them look like aftermarket jobbies. They just look ugly and cheap. Sorry, Mr Baz, but you did ask. Here's a kiss - x


ETA - Mook has it spot on, those look ace.

:grin: fook me, tell it how it is and don't hold back waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! :roflmao:

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