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Ferrari F12 Berlinetta - Bright Yellow, 13 plate.


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Spotted, but no picture as yet - its probably local and I'll see it again.

Nothing shouts 'LOOK AT ME' louder than driving (like a bit of a selfish oaf in) a bright yellow Ferrari.

The 'decent middle class folk' of where I live were genuinely looking and laughing - even one lovely mummy in a group was heard to say 'he must have a small willy'.

If any of you are looking to get a Ferrari, please dont get a yellow one.

EDIT: Just done a bit of googling and it would apear to be a newish model, cost £240k car and pretty quick.

I will hunt down a picture, I have an inkling as to where it lives.

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I saw a grey one a weeks back. It did nothing for me but sounded very nice indeed.

This was at the Silverlink, North Shields:


That looks more like a FF to me...


Can't see the aero-bridge on the front fender (which is the big visual hit for a F12).


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Saw a yellow 458 today with black roof. Hated it. All about black , silver, Charchol on those cars. Took one for a test drive. Loved it. Now doing man maths!

I can hear your RS sobbing to itself at the thought of being replaced with some new fangled technology...!

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Had a great day today. End result is the Mclaren is so boring I could have cried. It does everything so well but no feel just point and squirt. Spent the whole morning in it. There was nothing between it and the Carrara gt on the straight bits. Sounded like a tornado on the inside but a Hoover on the outside. A real disappointment.

In the morning I drove the Macca, mate in cgt and handed my rs keys to another mate. Got so bored pulled over and asked for my keys back. The star of the morning in my view was the rs. Sounded up there with the cgt with my zorst mod and had no trouble keeping up wth either on the road.

in the afternoon went to look at another 458. Think I Have chose my spec, haven't decided on year or whether it is a better proposition Han the mighty rs...

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