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S8 D2 Facelift - Winter Tyres/Wheels - guidance please


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I have a 2001 Facelift S8. With a prospective move to the North, I have been toying with the idea of acquiring a second set of wheels and winter tyres. I'd appreciate any guidance on sizes and types of wheel/tyre.

I had been assuming that I could just get a second set of wheels the same as or similar to the existing 18 inch ones (the current tyres are 245/45 R18 96Y). But the owner's manual says that the only approved winter tyre size is 225/55 R17, which presumably means that I would have to get 17 inch wheels. This seems surprising as I would have thought that it would be normal just to change the tyres without buying new wheels.

Can anyone shed any light on what size wheels to get? I'd also appreciate any comments on whether winter tyres are actually worthwhile.



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Personally? Bollox to winter wheels and tyres. Never needed them in all the winters I've been driving (many) and I've never crashed or missed a day off work.

Quattro or not. Quattro is better - obviously, but bah, it's built for winter driving.

However, having had my D2 4.2 Sport on those tyres, means the car sits on the snow and doesn't dig in. That's the only issue I had, still fun though! I love driving in the snowy roads.

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Hi Jim, there are several reasons why the winter tyres are smaller - better grip and comfort, lower weight (winter tyres are heavy), and most importantly lower cost. That said you can go for any size you want however, good quality 245/45 R18 winter tyres cost a lot more than 17". Generally you have the tyres mounted to a second of wheels set due the damage to the rims and tyre bead from constant changes (and the smaller size).

It's very debatable if you require them or not, if like cruiser you crawl up and down the A1 everyday in a 4wd car then maybe not but if you live where gritters fear to venture and/or have a RWD car then you'll notice a huge difference in grip.

See if you can pick up a set of 18"s on ebay and buy a set of Nokian WR G2 or Falken HS-439 but you'll need about 800 quid for a set of 18" wheels/tyres.

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