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Murray's best chance!


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People underestimate Murray.

He is the No.2 seed in this tournament for a reason.

Djokovic was always going to be the major threat but Federer going out isn't going to do any harm. Of all the players on show - Murray has looked the most impressive.

Berdych and Ferrer might have a say yet, but they won't win. They just might change who ends up in the final, they I doubt it.

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Murray is struggling? :roflmao:

So he'd not dropped a set until the last match, in which he came back to win the last 3 sets, and he's struggling? :roflmao:

You can see why Murray is World No. 2.

I don't dispute the fact Djokovic is No.1 and deservedly so, but to say Murray is struggling is a harsh to say the least.+++

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You made out he was struggling all round! :roflmao:

To put how good Murray is into context, this is his 5th Grand Slam semi-final in a row. He joins a very elite group of players in acheiving that. Borg, Federer, McEnroe, Connors, Djokovic.

He is quite simply one of the best players ever in the sport. Serena Williams said the current top 4 in the mens game were 'easily the best to have ever played'. I agree with her. They are on another level to anything that has gone before in terms of pace, power and consistency.

As I said, I don't disagree Djokovic is favourite, but Murray is a world class player who certainly hasn't been struggling.

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It's one of those coincidences of timing. Any another era, Murray probably wouldn't have taken as long to reach the top table, and he could well have been a multiple slam winning number one (periods of Sampras and Federer domination aside). He will win more slams, and he will win Wimbledon but I don't think he'll ever be quite as good as Djokovic.

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Can't say I disagree with that. The list of Open Era Grand Slam winners shows that Djokovic only needs one more to match McEnroe, and that says it all.

1. Roger Federer - 17

2. Pete Sampras - 14

3. Rafael Nadal - 12

4. Bjorn Borg - 11

5. Jimmy Connors - 8

= Ivan Lendl - 8

= Andre Agassi - 8

8. John McEnroe - 7

= Mats Wilander - 7

10 Boris Becker - 6

= Stefan Edberg - 6

= Novak Djokovic - 6

p.s. I posted elsewhere recently, Federer is now so head-and-shoulders above the rest in my opinion that it explains his sponsorship deals too. Rolex alone pay him £10m a year to wear their watches. His total earnings from sponsorship are well in excess of £70m a year now.

The product placement is brilliant though.....



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