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Disabling Tyre Pressure Monitoring System


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The battery on one of the wheel sensors on my 2001 S8 (D2) ran down a while back and so I switched off the system via the DIS menu as it's not worth buying a replacement.

Now the control unit has packed up too, and I have a permanent yellow warning displayed in the DIS which I can't get rid of using the menu.

I have found some posts on other forums re other models which suggest that the TPMS can be disabled using VCDS (Vag-Com), but I haven't managed to find anything specific to this model . Can anyone offer any help on this please?

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In case it's of interest to anyone else, I tried the suggestion from the other forums and it worked.


"Address 17 - Instruments


Channel 61

Default: 3843

Subtract 512 to remove TPMS = 3331"

The value for my car under channel 61 was 768, not 3843, so I subtracted 512 and reset it to 256, and Bob's your uncle, the TPMS is disabled and the yellow warning has gone!

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