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What have you got now?

And I still don't know if it's pink, Matt :P

I have got nothing..........

I'm waiting for plans to go through for building a lake on some land I have. If they come off then will probably buy a Toyota Hilux. In the mean time we bought a Toyota Aygo for the wife to learn to drive in and I'm running around in that.

If the plans don't get passed then I will console myself with something interesting.

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Nope, not Pink unfortunately :P

Spec as follows;

'07 5dr GTi


Tartan cloth

17" Monzas

Factory Sat Nav

iPod cable


The only other option I would have liked is Xenons, but I haven't had them before, so I won't miss them. And I've never really understood the whole 3 door preference. I had a 5 door Polo and was so much better passengers in the back getting in like a normal human being rather than climbing all over everything. And shorter drivers door is much less cumbersome.

Couldn't sleep last night. I'm like a child at Christmas. Friday night will not be spent in the pub :grin:

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Very nice, congrats.

Like you I also like 5 doors for ease of use and don't think it spoils the looks.

What sat nave unit is it. 07 that's either last of the many button units or just in the RNS 510 touch screen.

I presume its a stick shift rather than DSG, my first was and it suites the engine IMHO.

Not long to wait now.

Just a thought, VW charge for the iPod cable but you also need an adapter to go from the cable to your device. Check it has this, if not then its about £15 iirc. That's if its the cable in the glove box. If its the cable from centre arm rest you should be ok.

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Yup, a full manual box. I had an auto once and wanted to kill myself I was so bored. The only car I've ever sold. Flappy paddles don't inspire me yet either.

It's got an iPod cable in the glove box so will be nice and secure if I get an iPod to leave in there. I think the Sat Nav has a host of buttons on it, but not really fussed if it isn't the latest model. It won't get used much, I have a TomTom in a drawer somewhere gathering dust since we've had iPhones and 3G Tablets.

It's almost a shame they were happy to give me a fresh MOT, otherwise I'd have it by now.

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I put whatever fuel in is available when I need to get it.

If it's a Shell garage, I'll put their VMax or Nitro or whatever diesel equivalent they call it in. If it's a BP garage, I'll do the same. If it's Sainsburys, I don't really look.

I believe there is a benefit to be had from running the higher grader fuels and and again though.

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This car's six years old so must be a general consensus by now:

SUPER or 95 RON fuel?

Mine has 98Ron in the filler cap and I've run it on super since I bought it. Its now six years old.

Then again, it's JDM y0! and if the Japs at Honda told me to fuel it on super noodles and sake, I probably would have. [/fanboy]

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From memory the FSI motor was built for use with 98 ron. Some put higher octane in their cars without the real need to do so where as you have an engine designed with it in mind. I was strict with my first Gti but had no choice one time. Half way through that 95ron my emissions light came on. Filled up with optimax as it was then and the warning disappeared and didn't show as a problem at VW.

However after buying my Pirelli my local shell closed down and the next one was a 15 minute drive away. I don't really like supermarket fuel an my local BPs are so highly priced its not funny. As a result I ran on 95 for over a year with no issues and couldn't notice any change in performance or economy.

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