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Aprilia Futura


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Anyone got an opinion on these?

I'm going to look at one tomorrow, as I've decided BMW oilhead RTs and the K1200RS are far too heavy for my stumpy legs and iffy heart.

The Futura seems to sit somewhere between the oilhead RS and Pan Euro in what it offers - but it only weighs as much as the R11S.

Also outrageously cheap for what you get - Mille engine and frame... but only £2.5k for something under 10 years and 30k miles old.

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Yeah, the mileage is crazy.

I have noticed a few Italian tourers will silly low mileage whilst looking - sadly not an ST4 or ST4S - only ST2s - and they don't have enough power.

Just hope it's as good as it looks! - they're a reputable setup, so I've trusted it is... hopefully they'll have it delivered by the weekend.

I've bought it for one purpose - our Euro tour to France / Germany / Switzerland / Austria next summer. But I'm hoping I'll rediscover the bug for big bike trips. (We did a big one this year and it inspired me!)

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Does Robocop know you've borrowed his bike? Return it to the '80s immediately!

Lol, I was trying to think what it reminded me of and that sums it up perfectly, very 80's 'future concept' type looking thing.

Hope you enjoy it, I'm not into bikes in any way so my obvious comment is that i'd rather do long tours in a car!

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