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TP/TMC in A8


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Is TMC only for when the sat nav is being used for guidance?

Just wondering as Black Cat roundabout in Beds on the A1 is sh1t from Monday through until Thursday on the way to work, and sh1t from Wednesday to Friday on the way home. However, both ways I cannot see the roundabout or the approach and have to guess if I think it'll be bad and take my tried and tested detours. Occasionally, the detour on the way home becomes a longer detour as Black Cat is empty :(, other times it'll save me 20 minutes minimum. :)

So, if I have the nav map showing as I drive home, on a big enough scale, will it show me if there are hold-ups? Is Black Cat covered! My disc is a 2005 disc if that helps.

And funnily enough, I haven't thought about trying it until now. :eek:

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