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HI Guy, 


1st post..   :)


I have a BMW e60, and looking to upgrade the speakers - just not sure what amp to get and not decided on speaker models...


My Setup will be something like:


  • Front Door speakers + tweeters – thinking Focal though unsure which one - any recommendations?
  • Under Front Seats – Kicker SWS-8 Sub, though unsure if it should be 2ohm or 4ohm, Anyone? 
  • I have been told I need a JL CleanSweep to integrate the amp into i drive?
  • What Amp do you recommend? 

I will install a Sub in the boot - but this will be at a later date.


Also side note: I may decide to just install the unseat kicker subs and do the rest at a later date.


So question is can anyone help with the questions in the bullets above?



ps: i am reading this long post: hoping for some answers around my questions too.. 

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It's been a few years, but I'd just follow Gizze's thread and fit the Blaupunkt 555 amp, get the OEM fit umbilical lead. Earthquake SWS-8 4Ohm subs and the Logic 7 mids and tweeters (exactly what I did in the E92 M3).

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A lot of work for The Archers.

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