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Apple iPad 64gb 3G/WiFi


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Selling one of our (household) original iPads.


This is a first generation iPad of the, then, top end 64gb WiFi/3G variety.


It is in excellent condition and comes with the standard USB/mains charger.  You'll have to put your own SIM in it, obviously. 


It also comes in a snazzy black case that stands up so you can watch cricket, sorry, documentaries on science, on it.


Yours for £150, delivered by next day Special Delivery.






I'll be selling another soon too.  I thought we had two.  It would appear we never sold the third we forgot we had.  I know this because I found it in the kitchen cupboard behind the shoe polish stuff.  That's vital information, I know, because as everyone knows, there is nothing like a nice new shiny.


p.s. if you're a Guest on here or someone I have never exchanged in a thread with, feck off.  I will only sell it to people I see regularly on here, because the rest of you are feckers for never posting and leaving it up to everyone else to keep you entertained.  I thank you.

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I was using one, identical, up until 2 weeks ago when I changed to an iPad Air.


The first generation iPad served me supremely from launch.  I would have no reservations about getting one again if anything happened to my new one.  Yes the Air is blindingly fast and the display is out of this world, but it doesn't do a great deal more than the original.  Don't misunderstand me, I love the iPad Air and it is making my mobile life a hell of a lot easier - but the iPad with 64gb and 3G/WiFi is a fantastic device for £150.

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