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AUDI A8 3.0 TDI battery power management level

Cornelius Alexandrescu

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hello again guys.....i'm back with the same problem on my audi a8......battery power management level.

i had the car to AUDI WEST LONDON

done a diagnose and they come up with laizy starter motor and week battery(that was the engine choke on first spin)

all whent well for about 2 months now the battery error is back on my dashbord and the engine chokes again on start

after i had the diagnose done at AUDI i put a brand new battery and new original starter motor on it

i can not understand what the hell is going on with it.....anyone has any clue?


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Mine is displaying the same, starts first time though, but the battery level is displayed and always bleeps.  Mine has been in for a service and they checked it.  Battery and alt are fine.  Something about CANBUS (gulp), but it is fine for me, so I won't do anything about it.


My indy did say something about 2 batteries (the main one in the boot, and another smaller one somewhere), but they didn't say where.


It's not a useage thin with mine, as I do loads of miles!



oh, when you start it, make sure the gear display indicator is NOT in red and lite up.  If it is, turn the key back and try again until only the P indicator is on.  Then it will start.  Try it.  Let us know.  In the cold weather, I sometimes have to do that a few times.  But it's fine (for now)

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right so i turn the ignition on the only light on is P when i turn the key to start at the first spin the engine ''block'' for 1-2 seconds then starts.....andthe error comes on BATTERY POWER MANAGEMENT LEVEL this error dissapears in about 5 seconds.....it gets on you'r nervs....


Yes, it does get on your nerves. along with the bleeps!

My Battery Level appears each time too.  But starts fine with no problems from cold.


Oh, I see what you mean now.  Mine does do that.  But only when I am 'hot' starting after filling with fuel for instance.  It seems as though it will not start, but then does easily.

I think it is due to the battery message.  It tries to compensate for the low power, but then senses lots of power from the battery and it starts fine.


My garages did say something about another battery somewhere having a low level.  They didn't elaborate any more.


Have you 'told' the car that the battery has been replaced and has it been programmed in with VAG-Com?

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In addition to the usual Battery Energy Management trouble - I recall reading a TSB about the chocolate injectors leaking when parked such that when you try and start the car, the fuel reducing the compressible volume of cylinders causes the compression (almost bydrolocked) to be too high and too hard to crank.

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Bumpitty bump!


Having replaced by battery a year ago, the pesky Battery bleep returned with a vengence and the MMI reported the battery at 10%.  Car was fine, BUT interior lights didn't come on until the doors were opened (not when unlocking the car), headlights a bit duller, Bluetooth mic stopped working and I couldn't sit in the car with the radio on for more than 3 mins without the engine running before it whinged at me.

Battery was fine though.


However, it wasn't a battery in the MMI list, so bit the bullet and bought another one.  This time an Exide. (OEM, rather than Bosch)

Still not happy and my Vag-COM would not change the codes however I typed them in.


I just kept trying to get the code in - and then one day, instead of telling it the battery brand, serial and part numbers I used the Long Coding Helper.  I just copied and pasted the existing coed and changed the last 2 digits.  It warned me about the codes being different lengths, but I just said 'Do it'.  It took it and the MMI immediately showed 100% - and the engine was running all the way through.

The battery numbers are showing as blank, but (and I haven't restarted teh car yet in anger............) so far so good!


Hopefully this the end of this issue and I now know who to do it again if it goes back to 10%.

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I have all these problems too.


I have owned my 2004 D3 3.0 TDI for two years and 56,000 miles.


The battery management thingy in the MMI often shows 10% for no discernible reason. Audi service guys just say "they all do that, Sir".


When starting, the car always "pauses" for about a second and then spins up the engine.


I changed the battery a few weeks ago from what looks like Bosch original equipment to an Exide, as I was having all sorts of battery issues and in the end it was never charging to more than 10.4 volts and was discharging to 2.9 volts within 12 hours. I didn't know I needed to recode the car to the battery, so will look into this today. Is this something I do using the MMI screen, or does it require a VAG-COM?

Since then I have had a nearly flat battery when I didn't run the car for five days, but managed to get it going again.


At 0345 this morning I was woken by the alarm siren sounding and the headlights coming on. Car totally unresponsive to the remote keys. I finally worked out how to open the driver's door manually using the metal key, turned the headlights off auto, but could not stop the alarm going off, or get anything else to work, and when I tried to start the car it ran for about 4 seconds and then stopped and triggered the alarm again. The car is now sitting in silence thankfully, but with five other people in the house I daren't touch it.


Any thoughts? 



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I think you will need the VAG-Com to program the car so it knows you have a new battery.


Might be worth getting you stealer to try to do it.  Technically, they should be able to do it as you have a proper 'Audi' battery and they have the right equipment.

Ask them if they can guarantee to fix it or you want your money back.


In the MMI menu, there are ways of going through the menu to try to stop the display or stop it from whinging.

I think I'll try that as mine is whinging again, but starts everytime even after lack of weekend use.


Any issues with the car features will be due to the 'percieved' battery level, as the car compensates for the lack of juice. 

THat is why it pauses as it starts - it doesn't think it has the juice to crank, but the battery carries on supplying so the car starts.


Hope that helps.

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Update time!

I bought an 'energie management unit' on eBay, as my power system was STILL whinging each time I started.

Yet, battery was at 100% reading it in VAG-Com.

Fitted the unit yesterday - oooh, 10 minutes?

Started up, and the battery is now reading at 100% and no whinging on start-up,

The energie manager was £50 inc postage. And admittedly, I have gone down in versions, so not sure if there will be other issues later?

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Guys ** FIX **


If you have been through the normal checks, VAGCOM Diag. No issues with battery, alternator or the funny little red lead on the battery then try this to clear the fault.


Next time you take the car out leave 5 mins early to do this;


*MUST start with Key if keyless.


Leave running and out of gear (P) brake on.


Open RHS door (UK) and be ready to open fuse panel with key in slot.  


There are some stages to follow and you will need to have it quiet and be ok counting to 20 (glad this isnt a BMW driver forum)


Switch engine off and take out key while counting to 20.

During this time open the fuse panel.

When you get to 20 you should here a relay close behind the centre of the dash.

Then take out the 5A (Amber) fuse that controls the battery management and traction control, this is confirmed at next ignition on the yellow triangle will stay illuminated.

On mine its around the 3rd row down and in the middle.

Count 20 again

Switch on ignition for 20 seconds 25 to be safe.. again yellow traction light stays on to confirm fuse out.

Switch off ignition and count 20 and wait for relay click.

Stick the fuse back in (check the right location)

Start the car on the key and go to CAR SYSTEMS BATTERY LEVEL and wait it should go to 20% within one minute and keep rising as you idle or drive the car.

If it dosnt work try again and listen for clicks.


PM me if still having trouble this works on mine and gets done twice a year as its a crap system and loses the ancillary systems, courtesy lights keyless door etc which is a pain.


Happy hunting!



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