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[Audi A3/S3] A3 Sport Back SLine Rear Coil Springs - Help needed


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Hi All, 


Its been a while since I posted something on the site but I'm now in need of peoples wisdom here. 


I had my A3 (2.0 TDI S line) 2008 (08 Plate) in the garage this morning for a rear coil spring replacement as one had snapped. I opted to replace both. job was easy enough and the guys I use always do a good job they are VW/Audi specialists (Midland VW). However looking at my car now the rear end is so high up I can't help but think maybe the wrong springs have been used?


I gave them my complete reg when I booked the car in so they ordered the springs based on my registration.


Can anyone comment on if S Line models have different springs to normal sport backs? Are they more compressed giving a lower stance? To give some insight into the gap I can put my fist in the gap completely and rest it on the tyre which is a bit worrying. 


Am I worrying over nothing and the springs will settle down after a while and the car will level out or is something wrong here?


I called Audi directly out of interest and I got told that springs are colour coded so all they do is match the colours on the springs to ensure they have the right set...sounds odd to me....!


Any guidance or help would be appreciated.  :(




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From memory Sport was 15mm lower than SE, and S line was an additional 10mm lower than Sport.  I very much doubt there is any difference in suspension between pre and post facelifts on a 2008. 


And yes springs will definitely take a while to bed in.  Go fill up the tank, pick up four mates and go buy some bags of potatoes and coal from your favourite farm shop via some bumpy country lanes!

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