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RS6 V10 Engine Out


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Missed my S8 so much that after 12 months with a Legacy (shame I hear you shout) I bought an '09 RS6 Avant (yeay!).

So with a 1 year Audi warranty I pick up Crankcase oil seal leak so the engines coming out tomorrow.

So with the S8 - the received wisdom was to replace cam belt and water pump while the engine is out.

Any advice for the RS6? I know there's no cam belt to worry about. Have heard about oil hoses which would normally mean front off. Anything else?

Any suggestions really appreciated.



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Not sure where you are based but oddly enough I was having a chat with Simon at AMD (in Woking) earlier today who said he does loads of V10 engines now, maybe he is worth a call. He also explained that to sort out the MAF sensor is an engine out job!

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