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Is it the end for Di Resta in F1?


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I can think of people who've left F1 and then been relatively successful in touring cars and DTM (Coulthard for one), but I can't think of anyone who's left F1, done other stuff and come back (with the exception of Michael Schumacher).


Mansell did, but he went off to Indy.  Has anyone left and come back?  


Do you reckon Di Resta will ever get a chance in F1 again, was he with a lower team and never able to shine, or was he just not up to the job?




Probably doesn't help that he's a miserable git though :)



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DC only had 4 points finishes in 3 years in DTM. They are very difficult cars to adapt to especially on the current Hankook tyres.

Paul won the championship in 2010 but this was on Dunlops. He may take alittle time to come up to speed. Will be interesting as there are some other good rookies this year. DeCosta for one.

I think Pauls F1 return will be more dependant on if he lands the Merc reserve role and how this goes.

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I too think he did OK but he's had his chance at F1 and in the end he was just not good enough for a front running team. He won't be back in F1 but think he will be successful in other classes. Ultimayely, I think he'll use his cousin's contacts and get a drive stateside.

It's reported that HAAS want to have a F1 team, so maybe that will be an opportunity back in at the backof the grid, although I think it's all talk and won't happen.

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