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Very odd Windows 7 Pro login issue


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I am completely baffled by this so thought it was time to throw it out to the masses.


I have a token Windows 7 Professional PC that does one thing - it runs Google Analytics.


However, it has an issue that I have never come across before and can't seem to get to the bottom of.


When the account selection (logon) screen appears there are two accounts.  Both have Administrator privileges.  One is a legacy account that is never used, but it still exhibits the same issue I'm about to describe.


I click on the icon of the account I wish to use.  The password field appears.


Then, as soon as you press the first key of the password string....it comes up with incorrect password.


You hit "OK" to try again, and the machine goes into a continuous loop of the Error window for 5 minutes.  Nothing will stop it.  Then, it just stops and the next time I try to enter the password, it works first time.  It allows full entry of the password string and logs in.  There are no operational issues whatsoever beyond this strange login issue.


The oddest thing I find about this is the fact it goes into the 'loop' immediately upon pressing the first character.  It doesn't matter what key you press.  You don't have to press return.  It just starts to loop and cannot be stopped until it decides for itself that it is in the right mood to behave.


Any thoughts on what it might be and associated solutions?

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It runs Avast with web shields and has Malwarebytes on it.  However, in addition to those I'd be very surprised to say the least as it was a new installation only 2 months ago.


Logs show nothing of concern. 


I've gone through all the standard stuff and that's why I posted it, it is utterly bizarre.

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