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C&J Auto Services - Thirsk


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Hi Guys,


Just blowing the cobwebs off, It's been a while since I was last on here.


I was just wondering if anyone has ever had any dealings with the above tuner/garage? I'm back in an Audi. A B6 A4 2.5TDi Quattro. I'm looking to have a remap done on it.


I have spoken to the garage but they have no RR and say that when they tune Rally Cars  they don't use RR anyway?


They quoted me 208-210 hp increase and 370nm to 415nm increase. But with no RR how can it be proven?


The guy seemed genuine and pleasant to chat to.


Or is there any other tuner who can remap the car close to York as possible? I'll be having the pre-cat and cats gutted and looking at improving the air intake....so looking at basically a stage 2 remap.





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You'll find that most remapping specialists apply standard remaps, i.e. off the shelf.  All remappers are different though.  Some just whack in as much fuel as possible and your car will run like a dog.  Others take more care in building remaps, making sure your tractor doesn't smoke and does decent mpg, as well as going a shed-load faster than it did before - safely (a bloody important bit!).


If you want half a day's RR time, you're going to pay for it! Shark have remapped a few of my cars and I'd recommend them to anyone.  The only realistic time you'd want rolling road time would be if you had a brand new set-up on a stock engine, i.e. a bigger turbo, injectors, exhaust etc - my track toy spent a full day on the rolling road to make each of the three maps work properly for wet, fast road and track setups - as flat a torque curve as possible.


With a standard remap, you could argue "well they only took ten minutes to upload some software".  What you have to remember is the amount of work they put into developing a safe, reliable remap that's going to ensure your engine lasts.


Like I say, not all remapping companies are made the same +++


They do have an option called the STS, a box you plug in to your car which then uploads the new map to your ECU - have a look on their web site - loads on there about it.




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Your Golf is different kettle of fish, it will, i'm sure, be running an aftermarket ECU?

Ben explained to me once that anyone offering 'live' remapping of a standard ECU is just bullshitting, you can't 'live map' a standard ECU, so you'd be paying for something that is still a generic map.

I used to think generic remaps weren't as good as live mapping until Ben explained the above to me, and then pointed out that all cars come with generic maps from the manufacturer anyway, so they can't be that bad.

So long as you explain the modifications your car already has, he'll supply you with the correct map for your car, and I don't think you'll find a better map than Sharks.

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Yes, of course it does +++


But you can still have a custom map developed if you've got mods that haven't been accommodated before in a map for a specific model.  It just takes time, patience and money.  it's the hard work they put in to start with when a new car comes on to the market - similar idea.

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